• Light Weight Stone with Amazing Texture and Colour Effects

    The construction building industry makes use of many types of natural stone but did you know that the enormous growth in the Super Yacht industry has meant that there is a demand for semi-precious stone, marble, onyx, quartz, and granite for the magnificent furnishings found in these super yachts. Whether it is bathroom floors or showers, kitchen table tops, wall and ceiling panelling or floors, these natural stones simply enhance these stylish floating palaces. Light Weight Stone offer exquisite natural stone in different formats to suit a range of different applications. Their less weight stone also means that their materials don't require expensive and complex secondary fixing systems. They provide the worlds thinnest, lightest, thinnest and strongest large format granite, onyx and marble.

    Some of these super yachts are home to their owners for extended periods and they want extraordinary aesthetics; rare finishes that are fitting for their floating palace. Anyone with an eye for quality appreciates the quality of these stone materials as well as the outstanding craftsmanship in the installation of the stone.

    Expert Design Know-How

    In the process of selecting the stone for your dream yacht, it is essential as a client to choose a company who is able to deliver projects of quality. Along with CAD and digital equipment as well as a skilled eye for detail, Light Weight Stone provide a complete turnkey job so essential for rigging out a super yacht. Their expertise in processing natural stone enable this team to produce lightweight materials that can also be illuminated, so from translucent marble to ultra-thin granite, there are a host of magical ways Light Weight Stone able to offer their clients the most stunning solution for every requirement of theirs, and almost any stone can be supplied in almost any finish. In fact they are able to complete turn-key services for not only yachts, but also aircraft, elevator floors and walls.

    When you're looking for outstanding professionalism and a team who understand colour effects, schemes, texture, pattern and symmetry, with Light Weight Stone you get the finest materials and the finest craftsmanship.

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