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    Lightweight Stone for Yachts

    Monday, April 15th, 2013

    If you own a private yacht and you are looking for a strong and durable yet beautifully captivating alternative décor solution then why not push the boat out and go for something truly imaginative and stunningly unique!   When it comes to sheer elegance and style, nothing can beat the look and feel that can only be created by using the finest choice of lightweight stone for yachts.  By using the very latest in lightweight, high quality CNC cut stone panelling, which is available in a superb choice of stone types such as onyx, marble, granite and limestone, you can create a gorgeously stunning interior that is highly practical yet thrillingly luxurious.

    Backlit wall panels, marble sinks, stone basins and unique flooring solutions are all easily possible thanks to our unrivalled experience in terms of sourcing the finest available raw materials which are then carefully cut to sized and polished to perfection so that even the most ambitious designs are easily turned into a reality.  With over 20 years of experience in the careful processing and expert installation of our wonderful selection of bespoke lightweight stone flooring and wall panels, we can easily help to realize your dream designs!  Our beautiful products can be used for a dramatic finish that is quite simply fit for a monarch!

    Choosing Stone For Yachts

    Friday, January 6th, 2012

    Every yacht is its owner’s pride and joy. In most cases the interior of the yacht is designed, installed, and maintained to an extremely high standard. With this in mind, owners often choose to use stone to give their yacht an air of quality and solidity.

    There are, however, drawbacks when choosing stone for yachts. The most obvious of these is the weight of the stone. Without careful consideration, installing stone can add so much weight to your yacht that it has a significant effect on handling and fuel consumption.

    Cost is another factor, since it is highly likely that each piece of stone will need to be custom made to your requirements. The type of stone will also have a significant impact on the installation cost. Popular choices are marble, onyx, and granite.

    A pleasing effect can be created by illuminating the stone from behind. This technique can be used to great effect in yachts, where it provides atmosphere, and saves space where it may be at a premium. It can certainly add to the ‘wow factor’ when installed with care.

    There are several suppliers who specialise in designing, manufacturing, and installing stone specifically for yachts. As always, the best recommendation is word of mouth but, failing that, ask to see photographs of previous installations. Finally, remember that price alone should not be the deciding factor when choosing stone for yachts.

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