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    Lightweight Stone for Yachts

    Monday, April 15th, 2013

    If you own a private yacht and you are looking for a strong and durable yet beautifully captivating alternative décor solution then why not push the boat out and go for something truly imaginative and stunningly unique!   When it comes to sheer elegance and style, nothing can beat the look and feel that can only be created by using the finest choice of lightweight stone for yachts.  By using the very latest in lightweight, high quality CNC cut stone panelling, which is available in a superb choice of stone types such as onyx, marble, granite and limestone, you can create a gorgeously stunning interior that is highly practical yet thrillingly luxurious.

    Backlit wall panels, marble sinks, stone basins and unique flooring solutions are all easily possible thanks to our unrivalled experience in terms of sourcing the finest available raw materials which are then carefully cut to sized and polished to perfection so that even the most ambitious designs are easily turned into a reality.  With over 20 years of experience in the careful processing and expert installation of our wonderful selection of bespoke lightweight stone flooring and wall panels, we can easily help to realize your dream designs!  Our beautiful products can be used for a dramatic finish that is quite simply fit for a monarch!

    Residential building and retail shop fitting – choosing the correct quality materials.

    Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

    In so many more modern applications, all across the planet there are bigger, better, more luxurious shopping malls and retail centres making use of high quality materials, especially when reflecting the big brand name stores that are located within many of the new shopping centres. When visiting such behemoth establishments, you begin to understand the enormity and sheer scale of the size of these places and the level of craftsmanship that goes into selecting the materials involved within their construction.

    Within these structures, where you can spend the entire day perusing the many retail shopping outlets, you develop a sense of the luxury presented to you, incorporating natural stone building materials such as marble floors and pillars, granite inlaid floors and walkways and quality fittings and fixtures.

    Provided by quality natural stone companies such as Grama Blend, we are one of the leading traditional natural-stone companies operating across the UK, producing a range of natural stone including ultra thin lightweight stone that can be backlit for use in ceilings, or in varying thicknesses for use as vanity tops, floors, showers and bath tops, in addition to a whole additional plethora of shop, retail, store and residential uses.

The inside of the elevator or cab is where the wall material is used.

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Today the material you use in your elevator wall defines creativity. When choosing wall material looking for quality and a material that suits your project. The materials used for walls today are endless. You can have wood veneer or plastic laminate walls in many commercial and residential elevators. Materials can be mixed and matched half glass and stainless steel or wood veneer with a stainless steel inlay and sandstone.

How about decorative glass with an beautiful etched pattern for your elevator?
When you pick the material for the wall in the elevator think about who will be riding in them. It is a functional elevator for everyday use or something that you want to impress clients with?

Do you need a material that is durable to last for years or can it be replaced often?

Will this material match the decor in a residential building or corporation for uniform design purposes?

These are some factors to consider when choosing material for you’re for your elevator. The elevator is a place the people will use often to get from one place to the other.  Choosing a material that enhances its design make good sense.

Elevator walls

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Elevator walls when designed for most buildings can be made of many different types of material. The walls can be made of most hard wood that is installed in homes. This means your elevator walls can be made of cherry, oak, maple, or mahogany. The interior of the walls can match the buildings or residence that it is being designed for.

The materials used for the walls in an elevator depends on the design that you need.
Many walls are made of wood veneer, glass, and stainless steel. Glass is a material that gives an elevator a great outside view. This material opens up the elevator allowing passengers to look out and see outside as they ride.

Stainless steel is a durable metal that produces long wear. Often professional buildings and corporations use this material for elevator walls. Commercial and industrial elevators often use stainless steel material too.

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