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    Residential building and retail shop fitting – choosing the correct quality materials.

    Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

    In so many more modern applications, all across the planet there are bigger, better, more luxurious shopping malls and retail centres making use of high quality materials, especially when reflecting the big brand name stores that are located within many of the new shopping centres. When visiting such behemoth establishments, you begin to understand the enormity and sheer scale of the size of these places and the level of craftsmanship that goes into selecting the materials involved within their construction.

    Within these structures, where you can spend the entire day perusing the many retail shopping outlets, you develop a sense of the luxury presented to you, incorporating natural stone building materials such as marble floors and pillars, granite inlaid floors and walkways and quality fittings and fixtures.

    Provided by quality natural stone companies such as Grama Blend, we are one of the leading traditional natural-stone companies operating across the UK, producing a range of natural stone including ultra thin lightweight stone that can be backlit for use in ceilings, or in varying thicknesses for use as vanity tops, floors, showers and bath tops, in addition to a whole additional plethora of shop, retail, store and residential uses.

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